We clean –  
you get a life.

Smart Life Choices - <p>We clean –  <br />you get a life.</p>

Alicia is 45, has two kids and is married. Now she can spend more quality time with her kids. And her home is always clean.

If you want a clean home…

Liam is 35, entrepreneur. He provides jobs for 20 employees. Now his office is a holistic clean space where his employees can thrive.

If you want a clean office…

We have high standards — measurable, uniform, and unshakeable

We reserve the right not to use conventional products (such as chlorine bleach, etc.) that are not on our eco-approved list.

We care about our loved ones, that’s why our legally declared and insured staff receives an honest wage.

We give special consideration to your pets while cleaning your home, insuring they are comfortable during the entire cleaning process.

We guarantee to create a safe and toxic-free environment for you. We use only our own eco-friendly, non-toxic cleaning products.

Our values

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