How We Operate

One of the advantages of turning to Smart Life Choices is exactly that, we provide you with a choice as to how much you want us to do for you.

Grabbing every opportunity to be environmentally responsible

Microplastics is an unpleasant legacy we will leave behind us for multiple generations to come to have to deal with. Here at Smart Life Choices we feel that simply using environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly cleaning products is not sufficient. 

If we bought in our cleaning products, they would be manufactured, and the distribution of any product you buy adds to your carbon footprint through emissions from transport vehicles. Beyond that, there then comes all the packaging and plastic bottles that the cleaning products require. The solution? We make our own products.

Understanding the natural powers of our all-natural cleaning products

Commercial cleaning products are rarely as effective at cleaning as natural cleaning products, and the main reason why relates to residues or, to be more precise, toxic residues. Have you ever seen a health warning label on a cleaning product with advice on what to do if you ingest the product? That should serve as sufficient a warning for you. Most cleaning products leave a residue, which is often planned. Why? Because that residue contains strong odour-releasing chemicals that help to make your home smell clean?

Yes, you know what we are talking about. After a backbreaking few hours deep cleaning our home, we have all stood still, taken in a deep breath and thought “My home smells so much cleaner now”. Certainly your home may be cleaner, but what you have just done is inhale a lungfull of harmful chemicals which have been proven to damage your endocrine system, among other things.

Rather than enhancing science with man-made chemicals, we have used science to learn from nature and to maximise its potential. For example, our cleaning products are made with demineralised water, which greatly improves that ‘grabbing power’ of the liquid to help lift dirt. We use natural oils, rubbing alcohol and vinegar, but not excessively.

We understand that when cleaning kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, environmentally sustainable cleaning products with antimicrobial and antibacterial characteristics are imperative. However, you don’t need the same cleaning product for bedrooms, so there we use milder, gentler cleaning products.

Beyond that, it is fair to say that when it comes to the physical act of cleaning, having the right cleaning products is one thing, but using the correct cleaning techniques is equally important. All our invaluable team members are highly trained in the art of cleaning and the results they achieve help to underline that all the training has been worth it.

Providing a cleaning service like no other company

Want your refrigerator or oven included in your home cleaning contract? Not a problem. How about we help you sort through your domestic recycling too? We can take all your plastic, cardboard and other recyclable items away with us, and we can also help you to identify all items you are likely to discard that are suitable for recycling.

Learn more about Clean Life ChoicesIf you’d like to learn more about how we operate, the cleaning products we use, would like to arrange for a quote, or discover what other services we are able to provide, please feel free to give us a call at any time and we will be delighted to answer your questions.