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We only ever use ‘green’ cleaning products

Why are we so different? Because our working practices and sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning materials enable us to not just make your home look clean on the surface, we make sure it is clean. How many cleaning companies do you know who provide a cleaning service that clean to an antibacterial and antimicrobial level, without using harsh, poisonous chemicals? We don’t just want you to have a clean home, we also want you to have a healthy home. That’s why we are a smart life choice, and why that also happens to be the name of our company!

Environmentally sustainable and eco-friendly philosophy to home cleaning

In many ways, using environmentally and eco-friendly cleaning products is a start when it comes to protecting the world around us. However, here at Smart Home Choices, we don’t feel that is sufficient, when there is so much more that can be done. To us, using environmentally sustainable cleaning products and being eco-friendly isn’t just a gimmick or a marketing tool, it is a way of life and a major part of the company’s philosophy. It also facilitates the other aspect of the company’s philosophy, which is creating a healthy home.

Our eco-friendly cleaning services go beyond aesthetics- we want your home to be a healthy one too

The founder of Smart Life Choices, Martin Zvolenský, didn’t progress along the usual route taken by most founders of cleaning companies – a natural progression from having worked in the cleaning business. Martin is a qualified Nutritionist and Health Coach, who learned not just of the importance of cleaning, but what cleaned successfully in one of the most demanding environments, a professional kitchen. Having a comprehensive knowledge of how harsh chemicals used in commercial cleaning products can be severely detrimental to our health, starting up a cleaning company that worked, symbiotically, with helping to improve the health and wellbeing of his clients made perfect sense.

What was the point in helping people to eat more healthily if the home you lived in was slowly poisoning you. Gaseous pollutants found in the air inside our home, and outside, such as VOCs and SVOCs can greatly affect our endocrine system. This is a complex network of glands and organs which uses hormones to control and coordinate your body's metabolism, energy level, reproduction, growth and development. It can also affect how your body recovers from injury, or how you deal with stress.    

Learn more about Smart Life Choices

Currently, we have seven full-time staff and approaching 60 clients we work for, though this number is growing weekly. However, there is only so much information we can include on our website, and we are also respectful of the fact that when it comes to home cleaning, your requirements may differ based on such things as allergies, household composition – whether or not you have pets – and the level of help you want to help create not just a healthier home, but also an eco-friendlier one. To solve the problem, why not give us a call here at Smart Life Choices and make an appointment for Martin to come out and see you. While he may run the company, he still adopts a very hands-on approach and is available to all the company’s clients.


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